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We all look for that something unique for that big ​wedding, we all want to ​have something​ special to entertain your guests and be a little different!​ ​Now imagine an Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer. ​We’ve made it possible for your guests to turn those ​wedding ​snap shots into printed keepsakes to take home​.


Our​ ​Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer​ is designed for all types of events but especially loved at weddings as nowadays guests love ​to Instagram at weddings which makes the addition of our​ ​Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer​ the answer at your wedding! We recently ​attended an extraordianary wedding that had the wow factor not only because of the beautiful venue b​ut​ ​be​cause they chose to have our​ ​Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer​.


The wedding was nestled on the banks of the Banghoekrivier, known as the heart of the Stellenbosch wine country, you will find Molenvliet Vineyards.  Surrounded by panoramic views of the breath-taking surrounding mountains and vineyards we were overcome by tranquillity. In the distance, not far from the venue ​snuggled between the trees, we heard the orchestra playing​ ​atmospheric music - while guests waited patiently for the bride to make her appearanc​e​.



When the ceremony concluded the guests took a short stroll down the hill towards the church where there was a spread of​ canapes,  Las Paletas ice creams and abundance of the finest estate wines.


We set up in the courtyard completely surrounded by draped fairy lights which was the perfect abundance for this exquisite wedding and inside the dining room were three beautifully dressed tables, a live band and the outstanding decor complimenting the setting.

Let me not forget to mention the reason the bride chose this location​, was t​he enormous wooden entrance doors​.

In the meantime while the newlyweds went to have their photos taken we kept the guests ​entertained with our​ ​Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer.


When the newlyweds returned ​our​ ​Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer​ continued to print as guests captured their arrival and of course​ snapping some selfies.



What a beautiful wedding. Beautiful venue. Beautiful people. Beautiful estate. Beautiful newslyweds.​ (Beautiful Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer)​​​ haha ;)


How does ​our Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer​ work?

Everyone shares moments with their friends, family and followers on Instagram or Twitter. Now guests just need to add your wedding #Hashtag in the comment of the picture and ​our Instagram wedding photobooth​ printer​ will automatically print.



We ​can double print, a print for the newlyweds and one for the guest to take home. The print can be placed​ in a guest book alongside a personal handwritten message from each guest. These are what memories are made of! #Priceless


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