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Instagram and Twitter Printing for the STBB MTB 4Good Challenge 2017

STBB MTB 4Good Challenge 2017, Instagram and twitter hashtag printing

Giving incentives can drastically increase the engagement at events. Nedbank Private Wealth did just that below I explain how that was achieved at the STBB 4Good MTB Challenge (MTB = Mountain Bike).


Do you know what the STBB MTB race is? Probably one of the “must-do” events on the MTB calendar. Their routes are enjoyable, challenging and well marked, and we're told that the event is one of the best organised MTB races in South Africa with the aim to raise awareness and funds for the Miles for Smiles Foundation!


On race day, we had to ensure setup before 6 am, before the riders arrive. With an estimated 3000 attendants, in the Stellenbosch Winelands, and as earlier mentioned this MTB race is aimed at raising money for the Miles for Smiles foundation. So we teamed up with Nedbank Private Wealth and encouraged free Instagram and Twitter prints for any donations to the foundation.

Hashtag Printing wanted to add something extra and in addition to the Instagram and Twitter printing, we had all the #hashtagged images appear on the BIG screen. All this hype (printing and BIG screen pictures) gave people a sense of goodwill by donating and thus receiving free branded Polaroid-style Instagram and Twitter prints.


STBB MTB 4Good Challenge 2017, Instagram and twitter hashtag printing


After the race, the riders and supporters chilled out in Bedouin tents, ate from the food markets, sipping artisan beers, and wine tasting. At the same time capturing the joy and getting their free prints via our Instagram and Twitter printing activation, plus the kids could run around and enjoy the jumping castle, arts and crafts.


So for Hashtag Printing to be a part of this prestigious event was an absolute blast and privilege! Having our Instagram and Twitter printing definitely provided a great portal for creating organic brand content online by giving free tangible prints for participants, organisers, kids, parents, grandparent and spectators.


I think next year, we're going to take part in the STBB MTB Challenge. #ChallengeAccepted

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