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Choosing the correct #Hashtag for Your Event

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Choosing a #hashtag for your event can be challenging and we want your event to be the best it can, so we strongly suggest you capitalise on social media. Most people underestimate the power of social media organic advertising. Hashtag Printing offers a way for your event to be seen by thousands of people, amplifying your exposure, and giving attendees a reason to promote your event on social media. You can find

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  A #hashtag, is there to connect each another, engage conversation, share experiences, and continue to network even after the event. We suggest starting to use your hashtag a few days before the event on social media, so your attendees can familiarise themselves. On the event day ensure some posters are displayed around your venue or displayed on a digital screen.



Consider these few things to increase the success and engagement of your campaign. If you’re brand or event is using social media either at or before your event, you defiantly need a hashtag. Let us help you choose.



Firstly you want to choose the correct hashtag that suits your brand and gets the relevant message across. You want anyone who sees your #hashtag to know what it refers to straight-away.


Short, Sweet and Origional

Be origional, you don't want to intrude or steal someone else’s hashtag, this won't be good for your brand and will confuse your guests. It’s also good to remember that you will want to make sure your hashtag is notable, short and relevant.


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Hashtag Printing Data

Another reason why you need to have a unique and original hashtag is to ensure we collect reliable campaign data.

The use of abbreviations (acronyms) is a great idea! The Boating Centre Harbour event for 2018, could be converted into the hashtag #BCH2018. Alternatively, you could play on the theme from the event, e.g. Cape Town Water Convention could use the hashtag #LoveWaterLoveCT


If your event is a pastry event, you probably don’t want to choose a hashtag like #pancake or #EatPastry. Search online and you’ll see that these are very popular hashtags that are being used by hundreds of people on social media already. Your pastry event will get lost in the chatter and posts, as the event hashtag was not unique enough. Good example would be #EatPastryEvent or #Pastry4Life


The best way is to search on social media platforms to see if your hashtag has been used. You can search for Instagram hashtag here, and Twitter search link here.


Let’s conclude some hashtag tips:

-The hashtag should relate to your brand, name or launch

-Should be easy enough for the guests to remember

-A well-chosen hashtag is unique for only your brand

- Ensure the hashtag is short and sweet

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