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Hello Cape Town, if you are looking for brand activation social printing, and a new and exciting way of promoting your product or brand, while creating organic brand content online. Then you need to hire our Instagram social printer.


We work with brands to bring campaigns to life. Our Instagram and Twitter Hashtag Printers have all the power to do that live at events and brand activations. Remember your guests are taking pictures already, now it's up to us to encourage them to interact with your brand online, to get free branded prints. Our service is simple really we create organic content for brands.


If you're running a campaign then you need to amplify your social presence particularly at the event to gain exposure for the brand by hiring Hashtag Printing. We offer completely personalised packages which include customised Polaroid-style photo prints and the brand activation theme can continue to reflect on the Hashtag Printing station by sticker vinyl branded wrapping. To read more about the custom prints click here.


The Hashtag Printing team will work with you to ensure you are getting maximum exposure for your brand activation social printing rental.


The event hashtag is monitored by our advanced brand activation Hashtag Printer setup and within seconds shoots out a branded Polaroid-style print for the guests to take home


Guests use their smartphones and upload a photo to Instagram or twitter, at your brand activation


When posting the images, simply include the brand activation social printing hashtag (eg: #CokeFest17)

When guests post it creates organic content for your brand



Live Instagram and Twitter Social Media Hashtag Printing Photobooth contact us to find out more, setup a meeting or to book

Brand Activation Social Printing for: Corporates, Store Launches, Social Media Campaigns, Blogging Events

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Branding is everything, that's why each 4X6" print is customised to match your brand activation campaign design. Our designer will work with you to match your campaign prior to the brand activation social printing and all work will be pre-approved by you and the client. We can also supply a Photoshop file in order for in-house designers to work on our template. Lets make your prints unique!  View some branded print examples here

Hashtag Printing Hire Was Built for Promoting and Enhancing Brands and Events Online. Gain Exposure and Create Organic Content by allowing guests to Instantly Print Branded Social Media Posts.

Social Media #hashtag Printing Is for Agencies, Store Launches, Brand Activations, Events and Weddings!